In today’s world, the name that a girl carries with her can have a large impact on her life. When you are choosing the name for your baby girl, you have to remember that this same name will stick with her forever through the early years and up to adulthood and old age. Many names hold unwanted or negative meanings, so choosing a good name with proper meaning becomes important. Catholic girl names tend to have good meanings and usually don’t get associated with any ill will. Giving your baby girl a Catholic name is a nice way to make sure she will not run into bad situations in her life due to her name. Keep on reading to find our list with the 50 most unique Catholic Girl names for your baby.


It was written in the Canon of the Catholic Church that all babies baptized into the church had to have Christian names or the names of saints of the faith. If they were not given a Christian name or a saint’s name, the Priest of that Parish would add the name of a saint as another name for the child so that they could be allowed to be baptized into the church.